Lead and Make the Difference

Join our community of campus leads at De University of Ethereum! The UETH Campus Lead program supports students who are looking to stimulate their communities, inspire each other and create impact. Through the program, you become a liaison between UETH and your university and campus leads receive support from UETH and the larger Ethereum community.

Who You Are

  • Proactive

    You are an incredible asset to any team with your natural ability to socialize and reach out to different people in many different occasions.
  • Strategic

    You love creating top-notch plans and putting them into action.
  • Driven

    You are passionate about blockchain technology and the Ethereum network.
  • Entrepreneurial

    You have a knack for thinking outside the box and discovering new opportunities.

What are the qualifications?

· Currently enrolled in a post-secondary formal education institution. 
· Have more than one year left as a student before graduating.  
· Actively involved in student life on campus.

What is the time commitment?

· One academic school year (five hours per week). 
· Three to four events per year.

Tracks and responsibilities

  • Brand

    Are you ready to get your creative juices flowing and make your viral post idea a reality? Represent and advocate for UETH updates on your social media as a start!
  • Content

    No matter if it's filming a creative video or translating existing materials into your local language, we want to hear your ideas on how to make UETH a vibrant creative community!
  • Event

    Whether it's a tech workshop, a chill hangout, or a coding marathon, UETH has got you covered with all the help you need to plan and host the best events on campus or online!

Why become a campus lead?

  • Network

    • Connect with 50+ student leads worldwide who are equally passionate about blockchain and creating a more diverse and inclusive community.
    • Be eligible to participate in special UETH events & trainings and network with industry leaders in the Ethereum and blockchain space.
  • Lead

    • Play an active role in your community through organizing events, speaking, creating content, or mentoring, with support from UETH.
    • Contribute to the community and make your creative ideas a reality, paving the way for you to navigate the blockchain space more confidently.
  • Grow

    • Receive exclusive access to UETH & EDCON talks and workshops on topics like developing your leadership skills and going deep on blockchain technology.
    • Enhance your professional development, leadership, technical and communication skills.
    • Be considered for internships or full-time working opportunities.
  • Thrive

    • Be recognized for your impactful work in the UETH community.
    • Add the UETH Campus Lead Program experience to your resume.
    • Get your own UETH Swag.

Look forward to your joining