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EDCON 2023・May 19th-23rd・Podgorica, Montenegro
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Welcome to classroom EDCON 2023! As a non-profit organization dedicated to blockchain education for all, we believe that attending EDCON is an incredible opportunity for our students to expand their knowledge and gain insights from industry top minds.

By joining this classroom, you will not only have access to free student tickets to EDCON this May 19th to 23rd but also be a part of a supportive and engaging community in which students can connect and learn together, a community to empower future leaders to reach their full potential and tackle uncharted space confidently.

We will also update EDCON special courses in this classroom. If you are ready to take your learning to the next level, we invite you to join us today. Learn from countless key figures in the Ethereum ecosystem as they innovate and explore, and simultaneously thrive as a community together.


Our upcoming EDCON 2023 will be a five-day event. It will bring together experts from the Ethereum space to discuss the latest developments and trends in Ethereum technology, as well as explore the potential for Ethereum-based solutions to various business and social challenges.

In addition to presentations and panel discussions, the event will feature networking opportunities with like-minded professionals, as well as opportunities to learn from industry experts.
May 19th-23rd
Podgorica, Montenegro